Endorsements & Support for Christine Stoffel-Moffett

If I was to pick the top 10 people who have had a significant and positive influence on my career, Christine would be on that list. I’ve known Christine since 2010 and we’ve collaborated many times since. Christine has probably the greatest network in the world. She’s opened so many doors for me. SEAT has been life changing for me through the knowledge and friendships it has delivered. Christine is also a highly skilled and professional executive. I would have no hesitation in being a referee for Christine in any future opportunity.

Shane Harmon

Chief Executive, Sky Stadium, New Zealand

Writing a recommendation for Christine is a difficult task, because you don’t want to leave out all the great qualities and experiences she brings to the table. She is rare in more ways than one. She has been wildly successful in traditionally male-dominated industries like technology and sports, first as VP of IT/CTO of franchises like the Arizona Coyotes and Arizona Diamondbacks, and currently as the Head of Enterprise Technology for NASCAR. Her ability to run technology organizations at the highest level of the sports industry speaks to her capabilities for understanding how to introduce and integrate new technologies into complex technical environments.

Brent Leary

Partner, CRM Essentials

I’m in awe of Christine. She is too humble to say what I’m about to herself but for more than 15 years, she has been a role model – not just for women in sports – but for pretty much everyone. She was one of the two first women in the sports to be a C-level executive. She created based on a combination of her skills, experience, good nature and sense of organization the single most powerful sports business association and best conference in the world of sports. All amazing. But beyond that she also is an accomplished technologist – and has basically taken multiple organizations into the 21st century when it comes to the requirements for technology to engage the fans and the customers they have. She is respected, admired but most importantly loved in the sports world and as she gains influence in the technology world, by that world too. I know her as someone who not only is exceptional in her work, but a truly good person in her life and those who know her, know that. There is no organization that I know that wouldn’t benefit from her presence. She empowers people who work for her, and trusts those who do, but also knows how to get the work done when and how it has to be done.

Paul Greenberg

Founder, Managing Principal, The 56 Group LLC

Christine Stoffel-Moffett is an amazing individual with great leadership and organizational skills. Having been fortunate to know her for over a decade I have been amazed at the effort she puts in to everything she does. She created a thriving community of sports industry technology leaders and takes her place at the top of the group. Her passion for developing leaders in technology has benefitted countless individuals including those in top IT positions for major sports and entertainment organizations. Christine is a visionary who always has a finger on the pulse of the industry and looks to lead the future of technology in sports and entertainment.

Tommy Regan

Sr Systems Engineer, Washington Football Team

I have had the privilege of knowing Christine for over a decade and can confidently say it is rare to find a person that so consistently has their finger on the pulse of technology. Christine is a proven leader in founding and building-out a successful Sport and Entertainment technology community that has enlightened and connected thousands of technology professionals. From a personal standpoint, her work has had a direct and rewarding impact on my own career. I believe her success stems from her excellent project management skills and her ability to build relationships across diverse sectors of technology, which include her internal teams, vendors, and suppliers. Christine combines an effective and personable consultative approach with a persistent demand for excellence, which yields the benefits and positive outcomes desired in our field.

Chip Suttles

CIO, Seattle Seahawks

I had the honor of working side by side with Christine at NASCAR for several years. Never have I seen a more inspirational, strategic, driven, honest leader. I learned so much from Christine during the time I spent working for her that in turn made me both a better person and a better leader. Christine cares deeply for the employees that work for her and lets them know they are the most important asset on the team. Christine is a huge advocate for bringing change to the organization and encourages all to embrace it. She does this by fostering an environment to demonstrate that change is good, educates the organization on technology changes, and ensures a smooth transition. This is very important as technology in any organization can quickly become stale if employees aren’t open to changing it.

Ken Melanson

Sr Director, Desktop Support & Engineering, NASCAR

Few people have the ability to connect a community quite like Christine. Through my experience working with the SEAT community I have had a front-row seat to her collaborative leadership style. She encourages intellectual curiosity in others and challenges her peers to ask the tough questions. Conversations with Christine are full of energy and excitement for what is possible when we all work together!

Erica MacKenzie

Business Insights, Strategy & Analytics, San Francisco 49ers

Christine is a creative, tenacious and dynamic leader. I’ve worked with her closely throughout the creation of numerous SEAT Conferences helping bring together some of the best minds in sport. Christine’s direction helped shape and drive a gathering that forged strong business relationships, provoked new ideas and concepts and helped create new and enduring friendships. Her ability to connect disparate ideas and people is unparalleled.

Brian Costello

Director, Digital Media/Editor in Chief , Portland Timbers

I have had the privilege to work as a part of Christine Stoffel-Moffet’s team for over a year. Under Christine’s leadership, she empowered everyone around her by challenging them to grow personally and professionally. Christine urged each of us to focus on opportunity and not to fear failure. We have eliminated data silos, business silos and increased the value to our enterprise. Through one-on-one support, Christine evolved me into a strategic leader with her transparent and self-evaluation approach. Professional poise, energy, peer empowerment, lifestyle balance, ability to listen and care for others are leadership qualities that Christine shared with me.

Clay Ownesby

Manager, Data Engineering & BI Strategy, NASCAR

I’ve worked directly for Christine for almost 2 years, when Christine started with NASCAR there was no doubt in my mind that she would be an incredible leader for our Enterprise Tech Dept. In these 2 years, Christine has led by example, encourages us to further our career, she provides our team with training opportunities for growth in both leadership and she pushes us to be the best version of ourselves. Christine is a high-energy VP with a positive attitude, which motivates those around her, she leads with passion and integrity! Christine is humble and is always there for her team. Christine has assisted and brought in several million dollars in revenue in Sponsorships for NASCAR Technology. Christine you are a absolute breath of fresh air and a fierce leader whom I look up to daily! You ROCK!!
Jennifer Mason

Financial Procurement Analyst, Technology, NASCAR

Christine is a very outgoing person with great people skills. I met her at a SEAT-conference she headed up in London. As a leader she made me feel like I belonged in the room, she encourages people to take a step forward and to grow. She’s also structured and organized, making it easy to work with her.

Johannes Wohlert

Head of Communications, Swedish Basketball Federation

I am a big fan of what Christine has built in the SEAT Conference. She started with a vision of creating the top conference for sports IT professionals, and has continued to evolve it as the technology landscape has changed, developing new tracks around CRM and social media. Her event has been on my calendar every year, and I don’t see that changing.

Russell Scibetti

Vice President, Strategy & Business Intelligence, New York Football Giants

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