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My unique event methodologies will catapult your next event!

Increase Attendee Engagement

My unique event methodologies will help you build an event community that thrives to engage with each other, with the sponsors and promote your event brand across social media platforms.

Increase Sponsorship Revenues

Through my proven processes, I can help your event team create unique sponsorships that add more value to your event sponsors, and create lasting impressions on your attendees for increased sponsor activations before, during and after your event.

Increase event brand loyalty

By increasing attendee engagement and increasing sponsor activation as well as following my proven methodologies, your repeat business will create “event brand loyalty” for years to come.

Host An Event that Becomes the “MUST ATTEND” event for your attendees & sponsors

My name is Christine Stoffel-Moffett, the Founder & CEO of SEAT. SEAT became the most attended, engaging and beloved event of the global sports industry for 15 years! SEAT still lives on as a global community of thousands of like-minded professionals whom have become life-long friends.
I believe a conference event should not be treated as just an event, but an adventure and a journey that everyone in attendance has the amazing opportunity to experience something special and feel proud that they attended.

Over 15 years of creating successful, exciting and engaging events for the sports and entertainment industry, I have developed unique methodologies, that if followed, will take your event from “ordinary” to “extraordinary!”

SEAT Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology

Event Consulting Specialties

Industry Events & Conference

Industry Events & Conferences

Let’s connect to discover how I can help your team transform your conference from ordinary to extraordinary!

End User Event

End-User Conferences

Let’s connect to collaborate on your end-user conference becoming a must-attend event!

End User Advisory Board

Corporate End-User Advisory Board

Let’s connect so I can share this great idea with your executive team to build brand loyalty and increase business.

Reviews & Endorsements

“I am a big fan of what Christine has built in the SEAT Conference. She started with a vision of creating the top conference for sports IT professionals, and has continued to evolve it as the technology landscape has changed, developing new tracks around CRM and social media. Her event has been on my calendar every year, and I don’t see that changing.”

– Russell Scibetti, Vice President, Strategy & Business Intelligence, New York Football Giants

Reviews & Endorsements

“Christine is a creative, tenacious and dynamic leader. I’ve worked with her closely throughout the creation of numerous SEAT Conferences helping bring together some of the best minds in sport. Christine’s direction helped shape and drive a gathering that forged strong business relationships, provoked new ideas and concepts and helped create new and enduring friendships. Her ability to connect disparate ideas and people is unparalleled.”

– Brian Costello, Director, Digital Media/Editor in Chief , Portland Timbers

Reviews & Endorsements

“Christine is a very outgoing person with great people skills. I met her at a SEAT-conference she headed up in London. As a leader she made me feel like I belonged in the room, she encourages people to take a step forward and to grow. She’s also structured and organized, making it easy to work with her.”

– Johannes Wohlert, Head of Communications, Swedish Basketball Federation

Reviews & Endorsements

“Few people have the ability to connect a community quite like Christine. Through my experience working with the SEAT community I have had a front-row seat to her collaborative leadership style. She encourages intellectual curiosity in others and challenges her peers to ask the tough questions. Conversations with Christine are full of energy and excitement for what is possible when we all work together!”

– Erica MacKenzie, Business Insights, Strategy & Analytics, San Francisco 49ers

Reviews & Endorsements

“Christine is a proven leader in founding and building-out a successful Sport and Entertainment technology community that has enlightened and connected thousands of technology professionals. Christine combines an effective and personable consultative approach with a persistent demand for excellence, which yields the benefits and positive outcomes desired in our field.”

– Chip Suttles, CIO, Seattle Seahawks

This is What People Should say About Your Events….

“SEAT was the best event I have ever attended!”

“If I can only choose one conference-event a year… SEAT is the one I will always attend.”

“Our company has created more hot leads and engaging conversations from the SEAT event than any other event we have sponsored in years.”

“SEAT is the “MUST ATTEND event!”

“The networking and relationship-building at SEAT is the best I have ever experienced!”

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