Fractional CIO/CXO

Avoid Technology Leadership Gaps: Hire a Fractional CIO/CTO/CISO/CXO

A Fractional CIO/CTO/CXO is an experienced, multi-faceted high-level consultant who specializes in aligning information technology (IT) with business goals.


Why Hire A Fractional CIO?

  • A fractional CIO is to help you plan for the future.
  • Many organizations need technology leadership but do not want a full-time CIO. With a Fractional CIO, you can buy leadership services on demand.
  • A fractional CIO can help determine the current state, identify gaps and develop a roadmap to meet future goals.
  • Will keep IT systems and processes in alignment to help the CEO facilitate growth.
  • Brings systems together to keep the major functions of your business working together.
  • A fractional CIO is focused on the big picture of technology in your organization. 
  • Hiring a fractional CIO can be the key to unlocking a digital transformation without breaking the bank.

Responsibilities of a Fractional CIO/CTO/CISO

  • Develop and structure organizational technology and security strategy.
  • Develop and execute digital transformational strategy across organization.
  • Mentoring.
  • Technology and security budget management.
  • Provide guidance and expert analysis/insights on technology and security ecoystems and solutions.
  • Provide guidance on cloud solutions, strategy and execution.
  • Manage compliance issues and burdens.
  • Technology & security oversight.
  • IT and business strategic alignment.
  • IT leadership and management.
  • Key performance metrics definition and reporting.
  • ROI evaluation and budgeting.
  • Service provider and resource management.
  • IT and business risk management.
  • Business process design and optimization.
  • Project management.
  • IT governance, security and compliance management.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning.
  • Contract review, negotiation and management.
  • Executive team advisor.

Benefits of Fractional CXO's

  • Avoid the usual months-long hunt for a CIO. Your Fractional CIO can be deployed in a matter of days.
  • A fraction of the cost of a full-time C-Level executive / leader.
  • Cost effective solution for businesses in need of expert advice; do not have to pay salary & benefits for the services.
  • Fractional CXO’s have multi-dimensional expertise to bring to your organizational.
  • With a Fractional CIO, you can buy leadership services on demand.
  • Fractional CIO’s can serve Interim, short and long term needs.
  • Workload can be scaled up or down depending on present requirements, so you’re never stuck with a six-figure salary and no work to be done.
  • Fractional CIOs have a “been there, done that” reputation in terms of cross-industry IT environments.


Christine Stoffel-Moffett is an Award-winning and accomplished Thought Leader who provides support, guidance and strategy to businesses and boards. Christine brings the strong combination of IT expertise and business acumen combined with deep experience in technology, marketing, sales, sponsorship, operations and management.

Global Recognition

Awards & Distinctions

Christine’s innovative mindset and deep collaborative style is globally recognized. With this in mind, she has received multiple Awards & Distinctions across the world.


The 10 Most Influential Women Business Leaders to Watch in 2022

Industry Era Christine Stoffel-Moffett


Christine Moffett Top 100 in the World


Christine Stoffel Moffett as Finalist for Florida 2022 ORIBE awards


Christine Stoffel Winner of IoT Award


Christine Stoffel Top 50 Smart Women of 2017


Reviews & Endorsements

“I am a big fan of what Christine has built in the SEAT Conference. She started with a vision of creating the top conference for sports IT professionals, and has continued to evolve it as the technology landscape has changed, developing new tracks around CRM and social media. Her event has been on my calendar every year, and I don’t see that changing.”

– Russell Scibetti, Vice President, Strategy & Business Intelligence, New York Football Giants

Reviews & Endorsements

“Christine is a creative, tenacious and dynamic leader. I’ve worked with her closely throughout the creation of numerous SEAT Conferences helping bring together some of the best minds in sport. Christine’s direction helped shape and drive a gathering that forged strong business relationships, provoked new ideas and concepts and helped create new and enduring friendships. Her ability to connect disparate ideas and people is unparalleled.”

– Brian Costello, Director, Digital Media/Editor in Chief , Portland Timbers

Reviews & Endorsements

“Christine is a very outgoing person with great people skills. I met her at a SEAT-conference she headed up in London. As a leader she made me feel like I belonged in the room, she encourages people to take a step forward and to grow. She’s also structured and organized, making it easy to work with her.”

– Johannes Wohlert, Head of Communications, Swedish Basketball Federation

Reviews & Endorsements

“Few people have the ability to connect a community quite like Christine. Through my experience working with the SEAT community I have had a front-row seat to her collaborative leadership style. She encourages intellectual curiosity in others and challenges her peers to ask the tough questions. Conversations with Christine are full of energy and excitement for what is possible when we all work together!”

– Erica MacKenzie, Business Insights, Strategy & Analytics, San Francisco 49ers

Reviews & Endorsements

“Christine is a proven leader in founding and building-out a successful Sport and Entertainment technology community that has enlightened and connected thousands of technology professionals. Christine combines an effective and personable consultative approach with a persistent demand for excellence, which yields the benefits and positive outcomes desired in our field.”

– Chip Suttles, CIO, Seattle Seahawks

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