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Meet Christine

Christine Stoffel-Moffett is known across the sports and entertainment industry as a global digital transformation executive with multi-dimensional expertise across technology, operations, sales, marketing and business strategy leveraging a mindful and deeply collaborative, change-agent leadership approach.

Christine is recognized as the 1st Female Technology Executive Hired in an NHL Club and the 1st Female Technology Executive Hired in an MLB Club.

An entrepreneur at heart mixed with a passion for making a difference in her peer’s, friends and family’s lives and across multiple industries through her career experiences as well as creating and building 8 companies along the journey.

Christine has built upon her 30+ year technology leadership career and prior sports executive experiences by continuing to champion technology, thought-leadership, collaboration and innovation across the Global sports and entertainment industry.

Christine has received numerous Global Awards and Recognitions across the world-wide sports, entertainment and technology community as well as the global technology industry.

Many people across the global sports industry know me as the Founder and CEO of one of the most iconic sports consortium and annual conference event in the world… S.E.A.T. aka Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology. SEAT is a global consortium of 1000’s of sports and entertainment leaders who collaborate, share and bring together like-minded individuals pushing the industry forward.

As the Founder and CEO of SEAT, I leveraged my collaborative leadership style by building SEAT to be known across the Globe as a “Community” of like-minded professionals creating life-long relationships through sharing experiences, sharing projects, lessons learned and the true essence of thought-leadership. SEAT has been known as a well-established platform for leaders across the globe to embrace sharing of ideas to further the World’s industry of sports and entertainment.

Over the last two years, serving as the Interim Head of Enterprise Technology at NASCAR, moreover achieving many successes with driving transformation across the organization, as well as for 15 years through SEAT transforming leaders and a global industry; as a result, I have decided to take 30+ years of technology, operations and business experiences and my entrepreneurial mindset to launch a consulting company to help as many organizations embrace evolution and transformation as possible!

NASCAR - Interim CIO & Head of Enterprise Technology

In March 2020, Christine joined NASCAR as an Interim CIO and Head of Enterprise Technology with the responsibility of a $40M budget and 70 staff technology department.

In this role, Christine oversaw Network Engineering, Network Architecture; System Engineering, Enterprise Applications, ERP, Development and Support; Data Engineering, Architecture, Data Strategy, BI & Support; Desktop Engineering and Service Desk Operations; Change Management & Technology Governance; Information Security, Architecture & Audit; Emerging Technology and Fan Engagement Solutions; Consumer Technology Strategy, Ticketing & F&B Systems; and Technology Procurement & Technology Financial Administration.

  • During this 2 year role for NASCAR, Christine streamlined the staff structure and optimized the overall organizational chart for a higher performing team.
  • A key focus for Christine was given to the IT team through mentoring and coaching, empowering every team member and leader to position themselves for new successful roles and responsibilities.
  • Through budget and technology audits, Christine successfully reduced OPEX IT budgets by $2.2M by renegotiating software, hardware licenses and maintenance contracts in addition to streamlining operations, updated technology solutions and decommissioned aged, expensive technology; reducing technical debt.
  • Created new multi-million dollar revenue stream called NASCAR Technology Partner Program. This program focused on technology partnerships by leveraging her 16 years of marketing and sponsorship sales expertise along with relationship-building to form a sustainable revenue model for NASCAR.
  • Revamped technology department, repositioning leadership, personnel, teams, workstreams, processes and enabled a transparent culture placing IT as a “Trusted Advisor” to the Businesses across the Enterprise.
  • Implemented leadership training programs via Harvard University Manage-Mentor.
  • Implemented technology skills assessments and training programs via PluralSight.
  • Led and oversaw innovation, technology strategy and analytics.
  • Led and oversaw the re-architecture of the enterprise data warehouse, cloud architecture, analytics and QA processes; 
    streamlined and improved business processes, implemented security protocols.
  • Led data strategy and implementation of BI, Analytics and KPI Executive Dash-boards.
  • Initiated a data vision and culture to enable successful business transformation through insight-driven integration of mission, process, talent and technology.
  • Equipped business organizations to achieve real, sustained change and the adaptability to tackle emerging opportunities.
  • Restructured the information security team, hiring Director to lead the security department.
  • Led the structuring of an enterprise Security Ecosystem; implementing core best in class security platforms to protect the corporate network, data and systems.
  • Oversaw the enterprise implementation of two ERP systems such as Workday and ServiceNow.
  • Led the re-architecture of the enterprise consumer data warehouse.
  • Led the re-architecture of the enterprise network, implementation of SDWan and overall 3 year technology strategy and roadmap.
  • Led multiple executive committees and boards for innovation, fan engagement and business strategy through ideation workshops, whiteboard discussions and collaborative brainstorming.

For NASCAR, Christine leveraged her wealth of global perspective, operations, and technology expertise to maximize productivity by streamlining operations, leveraging innovative and emerging technologies and tools that influence decision-making and drive process and efficiency; Christine is an expert at bridging relationships and strategic technology initiatives across enterprises and organizations and bring this expertise to NASCAR as well as an expansive rolodex of technology relationships to bring innovative technologies to the tracks, to the fans, to the racing industry as well as to enhance the overall business operations of NASCAR.

Created NASCAR Technology Partner Platform
Known as the mastermind behind a revolutionary new sports sponsorship platform, created a new Nascar-centered community for the tech industry called the Nascar Technology Partner Platform. Created from that vision is an all-new program that is set to connect tech leaders from around the globe in a collaborative and fast-paced environment that will serve as an incubator for new ideas, case studies, relationships and efficiencies.
This new platform is open to both existing NASCAR partners as well as companies outside of the sport, and through joining the platform companies will be afforded the opportunity to become part of an exclusive community of brands looking to network and collaborate together.

NASCAR Technology Partners will meet throughout the season at tentpole events to identify new initiatives and concepts that are developing in the rapidly-changing tech space. Partners will also be encouraged to utilize NASCAR events to host key clients, top prospects, and exceptional employees with an unforgettable experience.

The newly established NASCAR Technology Partner Platform generated over $10M in net-new revenue within 10 months.

Founder & CEO, SEAT Global Sports Consortium

Christine is the Founder and CEO of SEAT, LLC aka Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology.Founded in 2006 on the premise of creating a forum for international sports IT executives to network, share and partner together, the conference that organically grew into an extraordinary collaboration of the brightest minds from over 30 countries coming together each year.

As the Founder and CEO of SEAT – Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology, Christine enabled her collaborative leadership style by building SEAT to be known across the Globe as a “Community” of like-minded professionals creating life-long relationships. Christine defined a culture of open communication, collaboration, sharing of best practices, strategies, innovation strategies, leadership strategies and best practices with the best technology companies across the globe. SEAT is a global consortium of 1000’s of sports and entertainment leaders whom collaborate and share while pushing the industry forward.

For 16 years, SEAT held annual conferences across USA and Europe successfully creating a global community of sports and entertainment leaders whom are considered like family to each other!

VP/CIO at Arizona Dbacks and Arizona Coyotes

Christine is a two-time VP/CTO for two professional sports organizations, Arizona Coyotes and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

For these two organizations, Christine facilitated:

  • Created company-wide technology strategy and 3-year roadmaps
  • Created $6.4M revenue through new relationships and technology sponsorships.
  • Increased operational efficiencies and decreased infrastructure downtime by 98% in 6 months.
  • Implemented change management and technology standards decreasing operational expenses
    by 45%.
  • Enabled cross-functional partnership between business and IT improving overall enterprise-wide
    technology efficiencies.
  • Delivered innovative technologies, increasing revenues, improving net new sales opportunities
    while streamlining corporate-wide internal processes.
  • Restructured the company’s IT network to migrate from a server and data network system
    Orchestrated a complete refresh of computer equipment throughout the organization: Through
    the brokering of unique partnerships with technology giants
  • Initiated and established IT governance process with project portfolio and scorecards.

The Next Journey – Christine’s Business Vision & Mission

Christine Moffett - Logo
  1. Through coaching and mentoring, this results in providing individuals an opportunity to be heard. Furthermore providing unique perspectives and insights, empowering individuals with the tools to become the very best version of themselves with the ultimate goal to find success in life through happiness, confidence and empowerment.
  2. Through my business consulting and advisory services, clearly enables organizations to transform their company as well as organizational culture, business processes and strategy to embrace innovation, employee empowerment, increased operational optimization and renewed excitement in their business mission and visions for the future.
  3. To guide under-performing and culturally-broken technology organizations to evolve into confident, service-oriented, strategic, collaborative and innovative organizations moreover becoming trusted advisors across their company through compassionate leadership, mentoring, skill assessments; enabling empowerment to deliver a well defined strategic technology roadmap alongside the business and reducing technical debt to increase the operational bottom-line.
Family is where the heart is

Christine is the proud mother of 3 children, Collin (31), Michael (28) and Haylee (25) who are successfully creating their life journeys with incredible futures ahead!

Christine is married to Brian Moffett and together share an adventurous life in Florida with three dogs; two Bernese Mountain dogs and one German Shepherd.

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