I’m Christine,
a Multi-Faceted Transformational Executive and a Trusted Advisor to the Global Sports & Entertainment Industry.
Christine Stoffel-Moffett

Many people across the global sports industry know me as the Founder and CEO of one of the most iconic sports consortium and annual conference event in the world… S.E.A.T. aka Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology. SEAT is a global consortium of 1000’s of sports and entertainment leaders whom collaborate, share and bring together like-minded individuals pushing the industry forward.

As the Founder and CEO of SEAT, I leveraged my collaborative leadership style by building SEAT to be known across the Globe as a “Community” of like-minded professionals creating life-long relationships through sharing experiences, sharing projects, lessons learned and the true essence of thought-leadership. SEAT has been known as a well-established platform for leaders across the globe to embrace sharing of ideas to further the World’s industry of sports and entertainment.

Over the last two years, serving as the Interim Head of Enterprise Technology at NASCAR; I’ve had so many successes with driving transformation across the organization, as well as for 15 years through SEAT transforming leaders and a global industry, that I have decided to take 30+ years of technology, operations and business experiences and my entrepreneur mindset to launch a consulting company to help as many organizations embrace evolution and transformation as possible!

My Passion & Life’s Mission

  1. Through coaching and mentoring, provide individuals an opportunity to be heard. Through this process, provide unique perspectives and insights giving them the tools to become the very best version of themselves with the ultimate goal to find success in life through happiness, confidence and empowerment.
  2. Through my business consulting and advisory services, to enable organizations to transform their company or organizational culture, business processes and strategy to embrace innovation, employee empowerment, increased operational optimization and renewed excitement in their business mission and visions for the future.
  3. To guide under-performing and culturally-broken technology organizations to evolve into confident, service-oriented, strategic, collaborative and innovative organizations becoming trusted advisors across their company through compassionate leadership, mentoring, skill assessments; enabling empowerment to deliver a well defined strategic technology roadmap alongside the business and reducing technical debt to increase the operational bottom-line.

Strategic Services

Virtual CXO (vCIO/vCXO)

As of 2022, I am now offering vCIO / vCXO (Virtual C-Level Executive Leadership) services. By leveraging my 30+ years of deep business, technology, sales, marketing and revenue expertise and my passion for leading transformation, I look forward to assisting organizations across the global sports and entertainment industry as well as outside of sports!

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Mentoring & Coaching

I believe that business and career growth comes from personal growth. Let’s connect to collaborate on a mentoring or coaching plan that works best for you to full-fill your goals to be the very best version of you for you, your company, your employees and your family!

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Business Consulting

My strategic consulting practice includes Interim or Transitional Executive support HOW and WHEN you want it. From technology, data strategy, digital transformation, operational optimization, network architecture,security, staff mentoring to assisting your organization to embrace innovation for business growth.

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Event Consultant

With 16 successful years of running a global sports consortium-annual conference for thousands of sport leaders and technology companies across the world, I can take your event, big or small, from ordinary to extraordinary! My methodologies are tried, true and proven!

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Board & Advisor Roles

With 30+ years of expertise, I welcome opportunities to leverage my multi-dimensional, executive and global perspective, with unique insights in a collaborative format with your organization through a Board position or Executive Advisory role, to provide your Board and Executive Team different perspectives for growing your business..

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Keynote & Guest Speaker

I adore sharing my career experiences, unique insights as well as perspectives on business and life! I’m available as a Keynote or Guest Speaker, Panel Moderator, Panel Member at your conference or event. I also offer to be your guest speaker in a college classroom setting.

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“I’m so blessed with these distinguished awards by my industry peers and organizations across the globe. Thank you!”

December 24, 2021

Christine is honored as one the 10 Most Inspiring CIO’s of 2021

I’m so blessed with these distinguished awards by my industry peers and organizations across the globe. Thank you!

December 24, 2021

Christine is honored as one the 10 Most Inspiring CIO’s of 2021

Finalist for the 2022 Florida CIO of the Year ORIBE Awards

December 10, 2021

With only living in Florida for 21 months and serving as the CIO for NASCAR, Christine Stoffel-Moffett has been named as one of the Finalists for the 2022 Florida CIO of the Year ORIBE Awards in the “Large Corporate” category.

For over 20 years, the CIO ORBIE Awards have recognized technology executives for leadership, innovation and excellence in this rapidly growing, CIO-led national professional association.

The Florida CIO of the Year® ORBIE® Awards honors chief information officers whom have demonstrated excellence in technology leadership. CIOs are recognized in multiple categories, based on the size and scope of their organization and responsibilities.

Voted As One of the Top 100 Women in Technology Across the World

May 2021

Christine is Voted As One of the Top Women in Technology Across the World 2021, highlighted in Technology Magazine.

“I’m honored to be recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in Technology by Technology Magazine.”

Top 100 Women in Technology Magazine are nominated by industry peers and selected by Technology Magazine. “We celebrate the female leaders that are having the biggest impact on technology globally.”

2017 Smart Women in Meetings Award

Christine received this award for being an innovator in sports industry meetings & conferences

Winners of this prestigious were featured in the March 2017 issue of Smart Meetings magazine and acknowledgment at a Smart Women in Meetings Awards luncheon at the 2017 Smart Woman Summit in Denver, Colorado.

2016 IoT Women of M2M Award Winner

Raising a Glass to the 2016 Women of M2M. The editors of Connected World Magazine, along with IoT (Internet of Things) leaders and professionals, gathered on Monday evening to honor the prestigious 2016 Women of M2M (WoM2M) at an awards dinner


“If I was to pick the top 10 people who have had a significant and positive influence on my career, Christine would be on that list. I’ve known Christine since 2010 and we’ve collaborated many times since. Christine has probably the greatest network in the world. She’s opened so many doors for me. SEAT has been life changing for me through the knowledge and friendships it has delivered. Christine is also a highly skilled and professional executive. I would have no hesitation in being a referee for Christine in any future opportunity.”

– Shane Harmon, Chief Executive @ Sky Stadium, New Zealand


“I’ve known Christine for over 15 years and have had the wonderful opportunity to work with her as a member of the S.E.A.T. Advisory Board (Sports Entertainment Alliance in Technology).When you work with someone for as long as I’ve worked with Christine, you develop a pretty good sense of the kind of “Stuff” that that person is made of. In my case, I’ve seen Christine in countless situations that have spanned the horizon from downright difficult to incredibly joyful. It’s her empathy, compassion and honesty that allows her to be such a successful Mentor, Counselor and Trusted Advisor. At the end of the day, Christine is what I believe is the definition of a true leader……an incredibly hard worker, smart and motivational.”

– Steve Reese, CIO @ Phoenix Suns


“You’ll rarely meet a leader as inspiring, transformative and supportive as Christine! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and reporting to Christine for several years during her role as head of enterprise technology at NASCAR where she has fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration while providing us incredible opportunities to develop professionally and personally. Above all Christine leads with integrity, poise, transparency and humanity. She is a true champion and a light.”

– Michael Papadakos, Manager CRM Architecture & Strategy @ NASCAR